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Organize, store and use all of your photos, stories and design elements in one convenient place using the only digital scrapbooking solution created just for scrapbookers.

about ScrapRoom

How it works:

My Digital ScrapRoom integrates your photo and element libraries into one easily accessible program along with scrapbooking design functions so you can spend your time and energy on storytelling rather than fruitless searches for photos and elements.

Create collections in your libraries based on any criteria you choose. In seconds, import photos and design elements into your collections with dual libraries, nested tagging, and a robust search feature. Bookmark your progress or things you need to remember. Immediately see if your Collections have been printed and/or used in a project. And so much more. Everything is ready to use when you’re ready to get creative.

Who can benefit from using My Digital ScrapRoom?

Whether you’re a traditional scrapbooker looking for a better way to sort and store your photos or a digital scrapbooker wanting to save time, money and frustration by doing everything with just one program, ScrapRoom is for you. It’s also definitely for you if want an alternative to complex and expensive photo programs designed for photographers and other professionals.

Basic features:

  • Dual libraries for Photos and Elements
  • Extensive Sort, Store, and Search with nested/hierarchal Tagging
  • Import: Easy and quick from a cell phone or a camera
    • Automatically sort and tag upon import
    • Advanced Import Options
    • Batch Functions
  • Print at home or upload to your favorite site
  • Customizable workflow to suit your needs
  • Share on social media
  • Details: Add your stories to every photo and they stay with that photo wherever it goes
  • Auto Backup: Back up everything automatically to an external hard drive
  • Search:
    • Find photos using user ratings, nested tags, keywords, dates and date ranges and place names
    • Find design elements with additional aids such as type, title, color, kit and designer
  • Print Tracking: Know which images have already been printed and/or used in a project
  • Batching: Simultaneously make changes, such as date or color, to entire groups of photos or elements

Advanced features:

  • Create Project: Drag and drop photos into a New Project folder, name the project and save it all for later use. Create a book or individual pages
  • Create Collage: Combine photos and elements into a standard or custom collage that becomes its own new image
  • Quickly and easily create journaling cards and 3x4 prints from digital or photo files
  • Use designer overlays with just a few clicks for projects that like a graphic designer made it
  • Use designer templates and Quick Pages for fast digital projects
  • Drag and drop features throughout
  • Project Editor: Create a custom page or complete scrapbook using any designer’s templates and elements and just drag and drop your images onto the completed page
  • Photo Edit: use precise one-click options to easily:
    • Retouch
    • Reduce red eye
    • Crop
    • Resize
    • Rotate
    • Zoom
    • Add special effects

What makes My Digital ScrapRoom so easy?

  • One software program to purchase, learn and use
  • Compatible with both PCs and Macs
  • All controls visible on any screen
  • Total integration of photos, design elements and design functions
  • Designed for scrapbookers and photo enthusiasts, not professional photographers or designers
  • Multiple ways to sort and search for photos and design elements
  • Multiple design options by easily changing color, patterns and textures
  • Organize the way you want - not a preprogrammed option

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I'm impressed! ScrapRoom was obviously created by someone who understands the frustrations and feelings of being overwhelmed that accompany memory keeping in the digital age. I like it.

Stacy Julian

Author, scrapbooking expert & creator of the Library of Memories system.

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