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I’ve been recording the memories and stories of my family for almost two decades, ever since the birth of my first child. What started as my daughter’s baby book has grown into more than 100 albums featuring our family and our stories. My hobby has evolved from a few pair of scissors and photographs into a whole new way to look at my world.

With the onset of digital photography and camera phones, in just the past few years, I’ve amassed and stored on my hard drive more than 30,000 photos. My stories were getting lost in the sheer volume of photos I was taking. I finally reached a point where I almost gave up my beloved hobby. Sound familiar?

I have taken many classes with industry leaders and met scrapbookers from all over the world, and almost all of them agree that what makes them crazy is the near impossibility of sorting, finding and using their favorite photos. Many had tried other photo software programs, only to become even more frustrated with the learning curve and expense.

After trying many options and finding nothing that met all my needs, I complained to my husband that someone needed to design a program specifically for scrapbookers. That someone turned out to be me. I now have two scraprooms – the one in my house and the one on my computer. My creativity is back and I am loving and sharing my photos again.

I consider ScrapRoom Software my mission. Scrapbooking is not just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. A way to express ourselves. A way to live with more purpose.

You can use ScrapRoom on a PC or a Mac, whether you intend to make a traditional paper scrapbook or a digital one. Either way, I believe it will bring the joy of scrapbooking back into your life.

Please join me and give ScrapRoom Software a try. Let me know what you think. With ScrapRoom, photo organization, like anything in life, can and will always evolve, along with our love for our stories, photos, and how we preserve them.

Best wishes,

Blayne White


Blayne and her husband, Bryan, have owned a professional studio for more than 20 years, where they specialize in combining photography and art into custom pieces for their clients’ homes. Their personal approach to their business has lead them to win national awards, speak at conventions, and maintain a successful business, even in this uncertain economy. They see photography as so much more than a hobby. It’s their life.

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I'm impressed! ScrapRoom was obviously created by someone who understands the frustrations and feelings of being overwhelmed that accompany memory keeping in the digital age. I like it.

Stacy Julian

Author, scrapbooking expert & creator of the Library of Memories system.

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